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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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partner? >> reporter: it is a contract. it will probably be 90 days with probably more months coming up ahead but right now it's unclear. he is scheduled to start sometime at the early part of next year once he starts they will have a better handle. right now that money funds 90 days of his consulting. >> i guess we'll have to wait and see how much of his plan they make public or keep within the department itself. >> right. >> reporter: some say the problem is not that the consultants haven't worked out. it's that the police department bureaucracy hasn't been willing to make the changes. that's the criticism. >> thank you, linda yee. a bmw running from the police ended up hitting a car full of people killing one of them. it happened in oakland last night. cbs 5 reporter da lin tells us police are still looking for a passenger who took off running.
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>> reporter: two officers pulled over a bmw for speeding. the driver stopped but once the officers got out of their car, investigators say the bmw sped away. less than a mile away the driver of the bmw broadsided a black lincoln on 98th avenue. the impact killed the passenger in the sedan a woman in her early 20s. four other people inside suffered minor to serious injuries. witnesses say they could hear it from blocks away. >> big noise, bang. >> reporter: the chp says after the crash, the bmw's driver and his passenger ran off but officers captured the driver nearby 34-year-old moore facing two charges of evading police and vehicular manslaughter. >> did not appear to be very much under the influence. he was able to exit his vehicle
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and flee the scene. so that would show that he is coherent. >> reporter: surveillance footage from a gas station shows the passenger sprinting across a gas station to get away from police. and tonight, they are still looking for him. da lin, cbs 5. prosecutors filed murder charges against two people they say were involved in a high- speed chase that killed an 11- year-old daly city boy. the l.a. county district attorney says suspects in their early 20s threw a loaded gun out of their car before slamming into this minivan in pasadena christmas night. 11-year-old kendrick eng and his 25-year-old cuss written killed. the family was down in l.a. for christmas and had just left an ice skating rink. a speeding car smashed into a home causing a gas leak in south sacramento early this morning. the car sheared off the gas meter. no one was seriously hurt. police arrested the driver for dui. no matter how many local
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news stories, no matter how many public awareness campaigns, people still drink and drive. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us there is a new plan to stop that in california and it has really worked in other states. >> reporter: it's called an ignition interlock device wired to a person's car and will prevent the car from starting if the driver has been drinking. in some states it's lowered the dui reoffender rate by 75%. >> with the upcoming new year's holiday it is more important than ever to be aware of the dangers associated with distracted driving. >> reporter: so law enforcement will be cracking down on drunk drivers. starting tonight through new year's day. police agencies including redwood city will have dui checkpoints. they estimate they will view about 15,000 cars. chp officers will have have maximum holiday enforcement. just over christmas alone they made 1,170 dui arrests. meanwhile today senator jerry
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hill introduced senate bill 55 targeting repeat offenders. it would require ignition interlock devices for drivers with more than one dui conviction. >> we have tried increasing fines. we have tried to revoke licenses to deter those chronic offenders. but we need to do more to save lives. >> reporter: a person would blow into a device before starting his car. if there's alcohol on his breath, it won't start. >> can they go around it? yes. but we're hoping that people would actually be more cautious if not for themselves then for other people they may kill on the road. >> reporter: these are required in many other states including new mexico, where recidivism rates went down by 75%. this weekend, and new year's eve, police say their best advice for the public is to plan ahead. >> you know you're going to go out. there's a possibility that you're going to be drinking at the party at the event. so either have a designated driver, plan on staying at your friend's house. >> reporter: take a cab, bus,
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caltrain or bart, and ring in 2013 safely and responsibly. and bill 55 would make those ignition interlock devices mandatory for one year for those reoffenders. in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. we want to go back to cbs 5 reporter linda yee who asked what can legendary lawman william bratton do for the city of oakland? here's her story. >> reporter: he's riding into oakland with his legendary reputation of being the country's toughest crime fighter. every year, bill bratton was the chief of los angeles police, violent crime was reduced. his changes started with the officers in his own department. >> some saturday nights there were no gang units work in the city. that's going to end. >> reporter: bratton put his sights on the most crime-ridden areas of the city flooding them with hundreds of officers and conducted regular street sweeps. oakland wants him to build an
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anticrime road map here. >> he is going to have free rein. >> reporter: city leaders admit crime south of control. within hours of yesterday's announcement, three more people were killed. city leaders admit crime is out of chrome. oakland is still working to hire a court ordered director to oversee the police department. its troubles date back to the riders scandal. four officers were accused of planting evidence and making false arrests. some question the need for another high-priced consultant. >> we now have a compliance director that we're working on and we have a monitor that's involved. and so, you know, the question is, how is he going to fit in this overall brock racy that we have -- bureaucracy that we have here? >> the chief says they can work together. >> there can be crossover. we want to be sure whatever we're doing is constitutionally correct and that's part of the agreement we made with the judge ten years ago. >> reporter: critics say the reproblem lies with the police department blaming
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administrators unwilling to make the changes that other consultants have recommended. >> does it show? do you want him to do what he thinks he can do or is it just another way of putting a, you know, i don't want to say a lipstick on a pig but at the same time, is this more form than substance? a sixth person faces murder and other charges in a case of a man and woman found bound and gagged on a san francisco street. authorities say 26-year-old catherine is being held on $2 million bail. her nickname on the streets is killer. hasn't been a very goodyear for murals in san francisco. graffiti vandals have hit the north beach to the tenderloin to the mission. one artist involved with the clarion alley mural project tells the "chronicle" 2012 has been the worst year since he started 15 years ago. we get a brief break from the rain but brian hackney
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shows us the wet weather is back. brian. >> it's not bac big time. there's some rain over the ocean. you can see hi-def doppler picking up the main rain. a lot of it will stay offshore. it's not moving from west to east. it's moving from north to south and staying parallel to the shoreline. that's why you go to the east bay you don't pick up much. but over the peninsula there's a few echoes coming in for the necessary few hours, a few waves of showers coming through that wouldn't amount to a half inch of rain. low pressure that's spinning abeam cape mendocino is ushering all this in. we'll get a break tomorrow. we'll give you the entire forecast when we do weather a few minutes from now. >> thank you. you can track the rain anytime with our live high-def doppler radar at putting your car in reverse to the 1960s. how the dmv can give your ride that retro feel. bay area women coming
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together with candles. the horrific ordeal that galvanized indians. >> our kids were going to be whoever they were going to be. >> but technology can help couples pick the sex of their child. the consequences and the concerns even here in the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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southern california: a womad a girl died after a car plowed into a bus benchn riverside. thi developing introduce out of southern california. a woman and a girl died after a car plowed into a bus bench in riverside. this afternoon's crash also injured two others. it's unclear what caused the car to mount the sidewalk. highway 1 near big sur is back open tonight. caltrans closed that road sunday after a rockslide. this week an emergency contractor cleared it and fixed the road and stabilized the hillside. the highway reopened to two-way
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traffic about an hour ago. you don't have to pay to ride on muni tonight. the transit agency is offering free rides to celebrate its 100th birthday. buses, the underground, cable cars are all free. you can still hop on no charge until 5:00 tomorrow morning. big fans. '60s. '70s and '80s the dmv has something new for you. cbs 5 reporter don ford says they are offering new license plates that are actually old. >> reporter: california is clearly the car capital of the country and if you crave the classics, the dmv has a deal for you. starting this january 1 for an extra $50 you can preorder vintage-looking license plates for you new car, black on yell lower not 50s or yellow on black for the '60s and another color for the '70s. >> you can have it on anything
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according to the way the law reads. you can have it on your prius. you can have it on your new camaro. you can have it on anything, right? >> reporter: originally, vintage plates meant it was a good bet their car was more often than not born and raised in california especially with collector cars. >> previously, to this new law, the black and yellow plates gave it maybe a 10% increase in value because that unique california heritage. >> reporter: craig cominski is a retired judge and car collector from southern california. he says the state needs to -- how do you judge that? >> i would say we're raising revenue so i guess because we should raise some revenue. >> reporter: the new old plates could only be ordered online and you can customize them too. the new plates won't be delivered until 2015 so you have plenty of time to come up with something peppy for you
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new custom plates. in livermore, don ford, cbs 5. when it comes to cars, have you noticed anything different on the roads? cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez shows us luxury is a popular ride. >> latest attributes for jaguar is all-wheel drive. >> reporter: mario of british motors on van ness says this holiday has been a joyride. >> we are very excited about sales. cars are flying off the showroom floors. >> reporter: but what about possibility of speed bumps that could be caused by an economic stalemate in washington? >> i don't see that our consumers are particularly concerned about "fiscal cliff." they are just ready to buy. >> reporter: that goes especially for higher end luxury cars or what they call exotic cars like this 2013 bentley continental. according to a recent survey by j.d. power, a leading auto industry forecaster, high-end cars will make up 16% of retail vehicles sold in december. that's up from 15.3% last month. a year ago, it was 14.8%.
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so this is a little over a 1% increase year-over-year. >> people are buying because we have lots of new models. and the banks are being very flexible. >> reporter: luxury car sales are traditionally up around the holidays because that's when bosses get their bonuses but dealers are also reporting even heavier increases in other types of cars. sales of so-called light vehicles light passenger cars and suvs are expected to improve by more than 13% year to year according to edmunds. the american car market is on the path towards finishing the year at its highest level since 2007 and is expected to grow more next year barring any detours caused by a "fiscal cliff." joe vazquez, cbs 5. well, if you have a fancy car or convertible, now might be a good time to put the top up. >> i have my '64 mgb. it's a good idea to put the top up because we have showers around the bay area. not much as you will see in a moment. first it's chilly out there has been all day.
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we didn't manage any better than low to mid-50s. right now it's 43 at concord. oakland 49. san jose 47. at the airport in san francisco, it's 50 degrees. and the temperatures are coming down. surf's going up. we have a high surf advisory posted along the shoreline. waves will be breaking up to 22 feet along the san mateo county coastline beaches. that's riding northwesterly swell from 14 to 20 feet and that advisory is posted until 10:00 tomorrow night. have a care out at the shoreline. we are looking for a few light showers around the bay area that's being detected by the high-def doppler radar. all the showers are staying offshore. we'll get a wave of rain through the bay area but only about .25" at best. right now there's some echoes north of bolinas but down around san francisco, a little bit over there in the sunset district and some off the 280 corridor but that's about it. in the headlines, cloudy with some showers tonight.
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it will be clearing by midday tomorrow. unsettled weather though for new year's day. low pressure that's causing all this is going to head south and out of the bay area. we'll get sun tomorrow afternoon. and forecast highs that don't do much better than the mid-50s today. the futurecast is showing that we have the clouds coming over the bay area tonight and then sunshine peeling out in the afternoon tomorrow. so that's going to be nice as we look ahead. pinpoint forecast is calling for temperatures to be in the mid-50s for the bay area. and 55 in mountain vie 54 san francisco. the look ahead we are going with unsettled weather monday and tuesday after we clear out the showers. after that mostly dry in the week ahead. cross our fingers and hope it stays that way, allen. >> thank you. we're on thousands of cases now. we have never, ever missed the correct gender. >> creating the family you want. but at what cost? the consequences of sex selection. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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many of us link to developi nations. ed. selecting the sex of a child creating the family you want before you get it. it's linked many think to developing nations but it's occurring in the united states and right here in the bay area. dr. kim mulvihill reports on the consequences and the concerns. >> go fish. oh!! >> reporter: when it came to the sex every their children, will and wendy let mother nature shuffle the deck. as a result -- >> thank you. >> i have two lovely daughters. >> and if they had been boys then that would have been the way it was meant to play out. our kids were going to be whoever they were going to be. >> reporter: but not all couples play the hand they're dealt of thanks to medical technology, some pick the sex of their child. as a result, in parts of the world millions of girls --
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>> basically they were never born. >> reporter: as documented in unnatural selection, journalist mara writes about the systemic campaign against baby girls in china, india and south korea. she reports since the 1970s, more than 163 million female babies have simply disappeared. >> it's mostly the result of sex selective abortion so women going in for an ultrasound scan when they're protect them aborting female children. >> reporter: in some areas there are not enough women to go around. >> women are being trafficked from poorer countries and poorer parts of china and india. >> reporter: but sex selection is not just occurring in foreign countries. it's happening in the united states and right here in the bay area. >> nice deep breath in and out. >> reporter: this doctor -- >> absolutely happens here. >> reporter: -- the ucsf researcher spoke to dozens of immigrant women from india who live in the bay area. the people she interviewed, the vast majority who were pregnant with a girl chose to abort her.
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the main reason? family pressure even from female relatives. she read from their stories. >> my husband said he needed to have a son. he said that if i cannot give him a son since we have two daughters he would need to find another woman. i thought maybe my mother-in- law thought differently but she also said that if i want to remain in the family, i must have a son. it is not right that women must keep getting pregnant and keep trying to have boys. we are women yet we want no daughters. >> reporter: she says if a woman is already pregnant, the most commonly used technique to determine the sex is ultrasound but if she is not yet pregnant and has money she may seek help from this man. >> we have seen patients from every nation on earth now. >> reporter: dr. jeffrey steinberg is the medical director of the fertility institutes in los angeles and new york city. >> we have chromosome 21 lit up in red. >> reporter: the team uses an expensive high-tech approach to select sex. it's called preimplantation genetic diagnosis or pgd for short. >> the accuracy in our program
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has been 100%. we're on thousands of cases now. we have never, ever missed a correct gender. >> reporter: in his lab, fertilized embryos are genetically analyzed. only those with the desired sex rim planted into the mother's uterus. dr. steinberg says a growing number of couples from the bay area use his services. >> the numbers keep going up and up and up. >> reporter: dr. steinberg says in his experience just as many want a girl as a boy. even so, the use of the technology troubles dr. marcy darnofski. >> now we have a way to do it. the question is, should we? >> reporter: she is associate director at the center for genetics in society in berkeley. she says when a couple spends thousands of dollars to produce a boy or a girl, they want results. >> what if the child doesn't meet their expectations? what do they do? take her back? they wanted a boy to play basketball with his dad? instead they got a boy who wants to write poetry. do they take him back? >> reporter: she believes these expectations may severely limit
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what a child can do. >> it reinforces very extreme and rigid gender roles that we're really i think trying to move beyond in our society. >> reporter: some believe the technology should be regulated. the she says that won't solve the bigger problem. >> restricting technologies and attempting to introduce new laws around a regulation will not change attitudes. attitudes need to change towards women and towards equality of the sexes. >> we are going to do everything today! >> reporter: the athe tude in this household is clear. >> the sky's the limit for girls, women. >> i love the fact that there's so many avenues open to them. >> reporter: as for the rest of the world, the story might not have such a happy ending. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. >> pushing for a deal to avert the "fiscal cliff" just days before the deadline.
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the progress report from president obama and his backup plan. why there's a manhunt for the woman in this surveillance video. a case involving death and deja vu. >> the guy grabbed him and put him in the car and took off. >> a dog taken and held for ransom. the effort to get back a pilfered pomeranian. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news at 6:00. >> this is deja vu all over again. we are now at the last minute. >> last-minute talks on the "fiscal cliff." tonight, we're going into the long holiday weekend still no deal. but there is a bit of confidence that the senate will reach a last-minute agreement. with three days to go there were talks today, then the president addressed the nation. thigh presidentgrace lee reports. >> reporter: the plan b would be this. if there is no deal, then the president says he still expects the senate to take action. he says at the very at least he expects to keep unemployment benefits to the jobless and to maintain the bush-era middle class tax cuts but at this point can we avoid the "fiscal
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cliff"? it is still possible but experts say with every passing hour it becomes more difficult. >> well, we're now at the last minute. the american people are not going to have any patience for a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. not right now. >> reporter: congressional leaders left the white house after trying to negotiate an 11th hour deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff" of tax hikes and spending cuts that begin on january 1. the president emerged shortly after admitting no deal had been reached at least not yet. >> we had a constructive meeting today. senators reid and mcconnell are discussing a potential agreement where we can get a bipartisan bill out of the senate over to the house and done in a timely fashion. >> reporter: the senate is in session today and is expected to return on sunday along with the house. >> we are engaged in discussions, the majority leader and myself and the white house, in the hopes that we can
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come forward as early as sunday and have a recommendation. >> reporter: but time is clearly running out for congress. st. mary's college political professor steven wol fert says the senate needs to introduce something today or they will likely not make the deadline. >> the deadline is so short and the amount of time necessary to go through the procedural steps to approve legislation are so numerous that they are right up against the very limit of the minimum amount of time necessary to pass it. >> reporter: the professor points out that neither side can risk giving in for fear of losing in the next election. ee -- each side is waiting for the other to blink. >> when you're playing chicken, the only way you win is if convince the other side that you're not going to swerve so you have to make it look as though you're not going to blink in order to get what you want. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that the sticking point during these negotiations today
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is that income threshold that would see taxes increased. the president still wants the tax increases for house molds making more than 250 -- households making more than $250,000 while the speaker wants those to start at $1 million so if they are still this far apart they have a long way to go. >> that's the issue the entire time. >> reporter: like this is new?! it is very frustrating. >> pushing the limit. >> we'll see. >> thanks, grace. well, wall street isn't putting much faith in washington either. the dow lost 158 points today. its five-day losing streak is the longest since july. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also closed down. we learned late this afternoon an indian woman who was brutally gang-raped and then thrown from a moving bus has died. three days after the attack, the 23-year-old woman was moved to a hospital in singapore in critical condition. six men on a new delhi bus raped and assaulted her for an hour and also beat a man that
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she was with. the horrific ordeal has galvanized indians there and here in the bay area. this is a vigil this afternoon. indian women have complained of regular harassment and sexual assaults. and protestors say it is time the indian government and indian society stop tolerating violence against women. chicago just hit a grim milestone. 500 murders this year. hours after police announced they were one homicide away from the 500 mark a man was shot in the head outside a convenience store. but this is not the first time the city reached this number. back this 2008, there were 513 killings in chicago. for the second time this month, a new york commuter has been pushed to his death from a subway platform. police are looking for this woman that you can see in the surveillance video there. the camera caught her running from the subway stop in queens. moments earlier witnesses saw her pacing on the train platform. then when the train approached,
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she pushed a man onto the tracks. she is now wanted for murder. earlier month a man was pushed to his death at the times square station. fire officials are meeting next month to discuss the upcoming station closures in contra costa county. four fire stations are closing january 15th because there is not enough money in the budget. supervisors voted last month to close stations in walnut creek, martinez, lafayette and clayton. meetings will be held in each of those communities. no firefighters will be laid off. the goal is to save about $3 million a year. certainly the cable cars of san francisco the nation's only moving into the monument. and the man who has painted every one of those 40 cars since 1982 died yesterday. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo with his story. >> reporter: she and
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heresiessters are going through her father's thingser paint brushes, stencil, all found this is muni locker where he worked for 30 years. his job? painting every one of san francisco's cable cars. >> yesterday my dad passed away peacefully. >> reporter: efren bernal was diagnosed with cancer only four months ago putting an end to the first and only job he could find in this country. he was even turned down for a fast-food job. >> the mcdonald's said he wasn't qualified. >> reporter: undeterred he kept looking. >> he heard about the san francisco civil services. >> reporter: he got the job even when he filled out applications his talent was evident. >> his penmanship really stood out. it looked like it was in print. >> reporter: he put his creative skills to work on the internationally famous icons, the numbers, the signs, all done by efren's hand. >> what my dad did was the finer details. like the design, the etchings.
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>> reporter: his long run ended here, cable car number 26, signed by the artist. >> truly part of san francisco. >> reporter: this is it, number 26. this is the last cage car that efren painted and numbered it himself. the significance of the number 26 his wife's birthday december 26 two days ago. reporting from san francisco patrick sedillo, cbs 5. an abducted dog reunited with its owner. the strange tale involving ransom calls and a pilfered pomeranian. >> why a major retailer is recalling salmon in california and dozens of other states. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to tell if it could talk. someone swiped held for ransom after breaking out of its owner's home and being taken. this dog would have quite a story if it could talk. someone swiped wolfie off the streets of studio city and made
6:38 pm
a call demanding money. cbs reporter amber lee explains how the dog made it home safely. >> reporter: was a sleepless night for stacey dutton of studio city after she said her 2-year-old dog was stolen. >> my dog was out in the yard and someone snatched him. a car came by a white car and before we could get to him, the guy grabbed him and put him in his car and took off. >> reporter: this someone called her after finding her number on the dog tag. >> he used the words ransom and reward and sounded insane and horrible. >> reporter: the owner says the suspect called twice, each time saying it was hard to understand him. >> he sounded out of it. >> reporter: dutton says she immediately called police. but before detectives could begin investigating this case, late last night an employee said a man in his 30s walked in with a pomeranian and dropped the dog off. >> sweet boy, took our dog home and his parents said you can
6:39 pm
keep him overnight but in the morning we have to try to find his owner and they did. >> reporter: a sergeant with lapd says a detective will follow up on this case and reminds pet owners to use some sort of identifying tag so if your pet is lost, you can be notified. >> you're home now, baby, you're home. you're never going outside again. walmart is expanding a recall of smoked salmon to 42 states including california. paramount reserve smoke almon may have listeria. the bacteria was found after a routine lab test. consumers should return the salmon for a refund. no illnesses have been reported. the voluntary recall started last week and is a precaution. he is a star basketball player and we bet you don't see anything different about him. for him that's the whole idea. stay tuned for our student rising above. coming up next. and we have light showers around the bay area today. it doesn't look like there will be too much from this. but new year's eve might be more coming in. we have the entire forecast coming up.
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and the warriors continue to play good basketball. you will hear from head coach marc jackson as he explains why. and prior to this sunday matt leinart was the backup. now prior is the bump. what? i'll explain coming up in sports, promise. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at sandy hook elementary. those who died were remembed today. a dozen people ed in the cold for t it's been two weeks since 26 lives why taken at sandy hook elementary and those who died were remembered today. a dozen people gathered in the cold for this service. if you need hope we have the story. like most of our students rising above this teenager is growing up without his parents. but wendy tokuda shows us he is getting plenty of love and guidance. >> reporter: you have to watch tony tarvaris very closely on the court to notice anything different about him. >> he is one of the top scorers in the league. he is one of the better defensive players i haved. >> reporter: he does it playing with only one hand. >> tony is one of the best
6:44 pm
basketball players i have ever coached. >> i want to show people just because they have a disability, they can do anything they further their heart to or overcome anything. >> reporter: anything like tying a shoe, lifting weights, working. doctors told him he may have been born without a hand because his mother used drugs. she's not in his life now. and he never knew his dad. there were lots of reasons why he used to be a self-conscious little boy. >> when he first got here, the type of kid tony was was in the shadows always wanted to be kind in fact back. >> we met tony as a 7th grader and he was basically a first or second grade level academically. >> reporter: tony was way behind in school because of his chaotic life as a child with his mother. >> from the hotels where we were staying it wasn't the same motel every night. it was different places, different hotels and it wasn't in the same area as my school so i would have to take the bus really early to get to school. >> reporter: his mom left him
6:45 pm
with his grandmother a lot and finally, she tookus did i. when she passed away, his aunt terry took him. he found security with her. but his aunt knew he needed something more. >> she don't want me going down my mother's path like the drug life and just getting kicked out of school and not graduating. she wanted me to do better. >> reporter: his grades were dropping before he came to hanna a home for troubled boys. >> he was just kind of skating through school and i really felt like there was too much inside of him to be the type of student that he was. >> reporter: the special attention and small classes that he got here were just what he needed. >> hanna gives him a place where he can feel success. and once he felt success in the classroom, he wanted more. >> reporter: and in his basketball coach, tony found something else. they talk a lot after the games and practice. >> we just talk about like life and what's going on with sports
6:46 pm
and like politics or just anything. en to. >> tony was longing for a connection which male figure and i think he found that in multiple people not just myself. >> reporter: that's true but coach jackson knows when he talks, tony really listens. >> one two three, yes! >> he is really intelligent because he went to college and everything and that's what inspired me to go to college. >> reporter: and with a b-plus average, he is definitely going to college, which surprises him. but not his teachers. >> he is one of the few people that i really feel like because of how inspirational and motivational he is, that when you meet tony, you become a better person for knowing him. >> if you would like to help kids like tony and other kids go to college, go to what a great
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story. for the next three hours, let's get right toyota doppler, we have light showers spreading over west marin, a little bit over the peninsula, as well. a cell around forest knolls but light showers for most of the bay area. you can see right over the 280 corridor some light rain is falling. nothing for the east bay and it's not going to amount to more than about .25". the temperatures in the 40s right now, 47 in san jose. 43 at concord. also, surf's up along the shoreline entire central coast big waves breaking this weekend up to 22 feet so have a care if you are head to the ocean. you can see low pressure that's off the pacific northwest is now moving in over our part of the state. and as it does it's pushing a few light showers along but not much. it will be out of here by midday tomorrow. but expect some clouds and showers for the next few hours. rainfall totals boy, we're at
6:48 pm
about 1 1/2 times average for this time of the season with more than 22 inches of rain in santa rosa and we are going to add a few tenths of an inch. mid-50s for the bay area, 63 at livermore and 52 at fairfield. extended forecast is calling for rain to be out of here probably by early tomorrow morning. we'll keep a chance in through midday. sunday looks good maybe late monday early tuesday a little more spritzle in time for new year's over or maybe not. stay tuned. the models are not in consensus on this one of the then wednesday and thursday look okay. there's a history of something coming in next friday so i'm putting in a sprinkle or two then. nothing big coming in including new year's eve. if we get anything that night it won't amount to much the snow report:
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as always, bring your chains. that's weather. sports just ahead. ,,
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terrelle pryor fans, your ds have come true.. today raiders big raiders news today. >> gary gelfand, i call him g force. in the house. >> terrelle pryor fans your dreams have come true. today raiders coach dennis allen announced that prior will be the starting quarterback against the chargers this sunday. prior has only taken six snaps the past two games. three and out against the chiefs and three plays against the panthers. matt leinart will be the backup. palmer is not allowed to fly with his bruised lung. so terrell, will you be nervous on your first start? >> i'll be nervous. i talked to carson a little bit. i'm a little nervous. he said i'm nervous every game until the first play is over. you're human. you're supposed to be. i heard that, i was like kind of remind me, back in the
6:53 pm
college games i was nervous until the first play, too. i'm nervous but also ready. >> you can catch all the action this sunday at 1:00 right here on cbs 5. then it's of the fifth quarter time, kim coyle will be in san diego with all of the locker room reaction. if the 49ers beat the cardinals this sunday they will win their second consecutive nfc west title. one thing is for sure they won't have pro bowl defensive tackle justin smith. the bigger question, will he be ready for the play-offs? the smith saga continues. he was injured two weeks ago against the patriots and didn't play last week against the seahawks. yesterday smith had that torn triceps muscle was not with the team so today smith was asked, is he going to be ready to go? he said yeah, i'd be ready to play, yeah, it's definitely getting better ready to roll. his replacement thinks of smith as a coach. >> he been my coach. just about the whole seattle game, we going to seattle he
6:54 pm
still like my coach. just need to focus things i can do a little better. just trying to separate the difference how we do things. but he be coaching me. >> in a half hour the warriors at oracle for a game with the 76ers. the warriors looking for their 20th win of the season. golden state beat utah. steph curry poured in 23 points. tomorrow the celtics also at home. golden state has a dominant 11- 2 record against eastern conference teams this season and people are starting to notice. >> we are getting phone calls. i'm getting text messages and e- mails from coaches, from former coaches, from analysts, from players. current and past that realize what's taking place. you can see this is a different basketball team. you can see this is a group that enjoys one another. you can see that this is a
6:55 pm
group that plays for one another. and it's beautiful to watch. it's great what can be accomplished when you're willing to just be there for one another and treat it like, you know, we're brothers. it's great to watch. >> good feeling when you're winning. warriors radio play-by-play man tim roy is going to have company this year in the broadcast booth. former warrior tom tolbert will be joining roy as a color commentator for 10 games. he is currently a radio talk show host on knbr. first game january 22nd against the clippers. in illinois check out the inbounded passer jarrett pilson made a perfect pass from beyond half court with a 7/10ths of a second on the clock and hutch inson with the alley alley-oop layup. it's matoon in illinois.
6:56 pm
i worked there. it is. >> that play was two points. >> thank you. for news throughout the evening, the latest is always on our website, >> we're back at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 here on cbs 5. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all doing? thanks for coming. thank you very much. thank you for coming, everybody. hey, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man, steve harvey, and like always, we got a good one for you today. returning for the second day, from boston, mass--home of the celtics and the red sox--it's the davis family. and from locust grove, georgia--they're obviously famous for locusts--it's the swanson family. give me samantha, give me ken. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays] folks, here we go. we've got the top 8 answers on the board. name something a man might text


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